“The commonly underestimated value of knowledge and lack of personally sought-out information can be making your decision between life or death”.

Breast Cancer Symptoms?? Why women are not the only ones to worry, breast cancer is a serious disease plaguing the world for all genders alike. male breast cancer symptoms What is Breast Cancer? Breast cancer refers to a malignant tumor that developed from cells found with-in the breast. This type of cancer is usually found in the “lobules” (milk producing gland) or in the duct (passage from gland to nipple). One of the immediate concerns with this type of cancer is it’s notorious nature to spread to your lymph nodes. The Lymph Nodes are designed to filter out unidentified material in your body and eliminate it from reentry. The true concern of cancerous lymph nodes is that it opens up a direct highway into other organs that the cancer will inevitably invade. Good news is that this can be prevented by catching the cancer in the early stages through preventative measure. symptoms of breast cancer in young women This article will discuss the support and education around breast cancer found readily available here in the US.

There are plenty of preventative measures available today to pre-diagnose a breast cancer symptom, but is up to you to take the first step. signs and symptoms of breast cancer The best first step is to see a licensed practitioner to get a full and recommended yearly examination; the practitioner will be able to answer any questions of concern you may have. Breast cancer symptoms can range from lumps, swelling and infections but there are several different types of breast cancer resulting in several different tests available today. With-in the variety of breast related cancers there are approximately 9 stages of invasion, stage IV being the most deadly. Stage IV is when the cancer has spread throughout the body infecting other organs. This is why it is important to seek regular examinations to ensure catching any problems early on. Expanding on one variety comes one that is often over looked or viewed as non-concern, this is breast cancer men symptoms. Men are not immune to this disease, statistically less are infected but it is still a risk and the same preventative measures should be taken. A U.S. statistic in 2011 predicted 230,000+ women will be diagnosed with breast cancer compared to 2,100+ men; however breast cancer men symptoms should never be undervalued. Understanding risks is the same as understanding how to prevent or treat breast cancer symptoms. The two biggest risk factors for breast cancer are gender (being a women) and age (50+); resulting in approximately 1 in 8 women going through some type of invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes. Statistically lung cancer is the only cancer claiming more deaths per year in the U.S. over breast cancer. This is why it is important particularly for women to stay well educated in preventative measures to diagnose breast cancer symptoms. Utilizing the medical research and taking personal action has resulted in great strides. Breast cancer in women over 50 has decreased 2% yearly between 1999 and 2005, besides skin cancer this was the 2nd highest diagnosed cancer in the U.S. Also, according to internet research there were 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in 2011 thanks to the evolving medical mastery and research. Education and understanding is key to catching a breast cancer symptom early on; leaving ample time to add to the survivor statistic. In today’s world information is available everywhere but it is up to you to seek it. You can find great resources through support groups, forums, foundations, medical websites or even social network groups. Using and implementing these pillars of information will best prepare your ability to identify, manage and treat breast cancer symptoms. Knowledge is a competitive advantage, do your diligence I guarantee it will add to peace of mind and quality of life.